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“Kirill Okunev Catering” is ...
Weddings’ catering

A perfect celebration of any format, concept development and a unique menu, rental of tents and unique animation.

Banquets catering

Catering service for any occasion: company’s anniversaries, birthdays, anniversaries, family parties, weddings, memorable dates.

Standing receptions catering

It is a perfect option, if you have limited time, but not limited number of guests: conferences, official receptions, family celebrations.

Barbecue party organization

For a small family celebration and a corporate event with a great number of guests.

Opening of factories and enterprises

Service on the concept development, support of corporate style, decoration and equipment of the site.

Other unique events

Unique-format catering: coffee-break, family day, cocktail party, etc.

Why us?
8 years experience

in the field of catering services

More than 300 events

organized during the whole period of successful work

more than 10,000 units of

own technological equipment and utensils

around the Central Federal District

organization of outside

for up to 3,000 guests
more than 80,000 guests

are satisfied
with our service

Catering for 24 hours

we will promptly arrange
an event without quality loss

tasting of
menu dishes!
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Feedback from our clients
  • Ekaterina Sam

    Executive Director
    “Positive Communications”

    Foundation stone ceremony for Kostamonu plant. “Positive Communications” agency thanks Kirill Okunev Catering sincerely for the successful cooperation in the framework of the foundation stone ceremony for Konstamonu plant. Working with Kirill Okunev Catering is an example of good business cooperation. During the preparation and holding of the event, the catering team proved itself as a professional and reliable partner interested in achieving the best results. In the course of our work, all our wishes and recommendations were taken into account, and alternative solutions, which qualitatively affected the progress and results of the event, were offered. We believe in the preservation of the existing business and friendly relations, we hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation. We wish you successful development and achievement of new heights in your business.

    June 22, 2016
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  • Panina Oksana

    guest, Pub 102

    The idea of ​​gathering guests near our house leaped into my mind unexpectedly. I wanted to see all the loved ones at the party. Including mothers with babies, for whom it was very important to be close to home (to feed, to wash, to sleep, etc.). Therefore, the catering system was an option for us. In casual conversation we learned that our favorite PUB 102 provides catering services. We couldn’t get any detailed information from anyone. So we went directly to the Pub, where we got phone numbers of the catering division. Then all was done by phone and e-mail. I was asked to submit a photo of a tent under which we wanted to hold our event, a number of people, including children. A menu was offered and then it was edited just a couple of times. Of course, the basis of the menu was grill dishes. They sent me pictures of how it might look. I was attracted by white tablecloths and chair covers. The answer to all my fears in respect of the process organization was: don’t worry; we will take care of everything.

    On the day of the event, the catering team arrived early (the party was to start at 5 p.m., and they were already in place at 1 p.m.). I allocated a room on the ground floor for food serving. Cooks settled outside near the grill.

    All tableware – plates and glasses were brought and beautifully arranged. Alcohol drinks were provided by me. During the event, they added drinks and food all the time, as well as brought and cleaned things. Service was almost invisible and very qualitative.

    The cooks left a little bit earlier. We let waiters go after 11 p.m. At our request, two tables of six were left to us until Monday (the event was on Saturday). That gave us the opportunity to sit and watch the sunrise in unhurried conversations…

    In total, the event amounted to 2,200 per person. We had everything: salads, meat, fruits, and desserts. A bit too much of food left for the next day, but it’s not bad.

    Our guests told us they liked everything very much. And I felt like a guest without troubles at the party.

    I am writing these comments to thank the team of Kirill Okunev once again and to recommend them to everyone who doubts whether or not to have their party outside….

    June 22, 2016
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  • Gleb Gurlin

    Director General
    “Inside” LLC

    Kirill Okunev Catering has been a reliable partner of our company for many years. During the cooperation for the official opening ceremony of Berlin-Chemie Menarini plant in Kaluga, the partner team provided an individual and flexible approach to customer requirements, high efficiency of tasks performance, which was made efficiently and on time. Due to the basic principle of the company – the formation of partnership relations with customers, based on cooperation and professionalism, in our opinion, it takes the leading position in the provision of services of outside event catering in the city.

    June 22, 2016
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  • Tatiana Nesterenkova

    Head of the marketing department
    “EkoNiva-Tekhnika” LLC

    We have repeatedly used Kirill Okunev Catering services. We have been working for several years with them, and we will continue to cooperate in the future. Our very first joint event in 2013 – Opening of the Service Center in Detchino Village, involving a banquet for 500 people, was revealing for our company. Of course, there were a lot of worries before the event: whether our guests will remain hungry, whether the food will be tasty, whether we will be able to see professionally set tables. However, our worries were groundless. The work of waiters was organized at the highest level, and at the same time it was almost invisible – no rush or questions. Guests were hedged round with attention, they felt comfortable. The taste of dishes and table decoration really highlighted the atmosphere of our event and the company’s corporate style. After this event, we didn’t have a question about which catering company to cooperate with.

    Friendly staff and great managers will always find a solution for any, even impossible tasks!

    June 22, 2016
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  • Olga Sergeievna Churikova

    Head of the Advertising and Exhibition Activities Department
    State Autonomous Institution “ARRKO”

    International Festival “Days of Europe in Kaluga”, Club of Investors of Kaluga Region

    Over the years of work in Kaluga market of catering, Kirill Okunev Catering was able to prove itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality services. We appreciate Kirill Okunev Catering for its conscientious attitude to work, an individual approach to customer needs, efficiency, good organization and high level of service. We would like to highlight the company’s qualified team.

    Kirill Okunev Catering services have been highly appreciated by our partners and project participants.

    Professionalism and carefully thought-out principles of work allow Kirill Okunev Catering to cope with the tasks of any complexity, to respond quickly to customer’s stringent requirements, while maintaining high quality standards, and to occupy leading positions in its industry.

    June 22, 2016
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  • Ekaterina Usmial

    Director General,
    “Smart” Advertising Agency

    During the preparation and holding of the event, the team of Kirill Okunev Catering showed to the best advantage. In the final part of the tender for this contract, presentation of the food, serving and service was so spectacular that the customer had no doubts in choosing a contractor for catering. The event was complicated in terms of format: a large-scale standing reception for numerous invited guests and employees of the enterprise, as well as a VIP banquet for representatives of the regional administration and the project investors. The team of Kirill Okunev Catering perfectly coped with all the tasks. Everything was very delicious, nice and professional. We have a reliable partner – Kirill Okunev Catering for the performance of important and challenging catering tasks!

    June 22, 2016
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  • Tatiana Rogova

    Manager and Administrator of Sales Department
    “Freelite” LLC

    We cooperate with Kirill Okunev Catering on a continuous basis. At first, we successfully carried out a banquet for the official opening of the plant. Many important guests were invited: partners of the company, representatives of the regional and Balabanovo Town administrations, as well as foreign guests from Italy. The preparation was exciting. But I would like to express many thanks to the catering team for quickly solved issues of the event organization, which at first glance were not related to the catering tasks. A special thanks to the chef for the Italian menu, all lovers and foreign guests duly appreciated the quality and serving of dishes. The service has always been, and remains flawless in all our events. Kirill Okunev Catering also successfully solves non-standard tasks, such as catering for our stands at the construction exhibitions in Moscow, in which we participate. When a company has a request for catering, Kirill Okunev Catering is always our contractor!

    June 22, 2016
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  • Anna Semenishcheva

    Communications Expert

    In June 2015, the opening ceremony of the alternative fuel plant was held at our LafargeHolcim cement plant in Ferzikovo village. We invited Moscow event-management agency to cooperate with us for turn-key task solutions. A business meeting of Anatoly Dmitrievich Artamonov, the Governor of Kaluga Region, and Jean-Maurice Ripert, the French Ambassador to Russia, was scheduled as part of this event. We were pleasantly surprised to see a familiar team of Kirill Okunev Catering working in this outside catering. It is a good recommendation for a contractor when metropolitan agency prefers to work with them in holding of a ceremony of this level.

    The event consisted of two parts, private negotiations of VIP guests and a festive standing reception for all the invited guests. Both formats were held successfully. The organization, appearance, food quality and service – all this was done with an excellent mark. Our company cooperates with Kirill Okunev Catering on a regular basis, so we recommend this catering company to everyone.

    June 22, 2016
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  • Svetlana Leonidovna Vartanova

    Head of the Center for Business Education
    Kaluga Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Kaluga Chamber of Commerce and Industry regularly cooperates with Kirill Okunev Catering.

    We held a formal event. The catering staff is notable for their high professionalism and kindness. It should mention the quality and a wide range of food. Chef’s pastry is very tasty and unusual. A workshop for serving, laying and napkin design was organized. Participants and guests were delighted. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry regularly orders coffee breaks and standing receptions. Our customers and we are very pleased with the work of Kirill Okunev Catering.

    June 22, 2016
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